Breed Promotion at the Devon Horse Show

Ringside Booth

PSHA & ASHA of NJ teamed up together this year at Devon to help educate the horse public about this wonderful breed. Our booth had an ideal location ringside and featured an eye catching banner filled with Saddlebred photos that displayed the versatility of the Saddlebreds. The banner showcased our traditional show ring photos as well as Academy, Eventing, Jumpers, Dressage, and Competitive Driving. The public could read about the history of Saddlebreds at Devon, get a free voucher for a Saddlebred lesson at a local stable or grab an adorable Saddlebred fan & face mask donated by Saddlebred Rescue.

Meet & Greet with a Saddlebred

In addition to being able to watch the Saddlebreds live during their sessions, spectators also enjoyed seeing them up close and personal. This year's barn tours brought over 300 people through the Saddlebred barn on the tour, allowing them to visit with a friendly ambassador while listening to a short presentation about the breed. Through out the week at the show, spectators were also able to have meet & greets with a Saddlebred near the high traffic shopping areas. 

Continuing a long tradition

The Devon Horse Show has a rich history and has showcased the Saddlebred from the first show in 1896. The Saddlebreds get the opportunity to compete in the oldest and largest multi-breed outdoor show in the country along side Olympic Grand Prix riders and historic coaching teams. The show welcomes thousands of horse enthusiasts each year making it an ideal venue for breed promotion.